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The original edition of The World as Will and Idea appeared in 1818, but in 1844 Schopenhauer published an expanded version. It contained the ‘Criticism of the Kantian Philosophy’, a lengthy document; and Supplements to the First Book (The Doctrine of the Idea of Perception) and the Second Book (The Doctrine of Perception or Knowledge of the Understanding). The original edition of The World as Will and Idea had been largely ignored, and for 25 frustrating years, Schopenhauer had to live with a feeling of failure, while remaining as acute, as challenging and as creative as ever.

His decision to expand and build on his original ideas with the addition of the Supplements, clarifying and furthering his views, made his body of work even stronger. It was with this second edition that his reputation spread, and at last his standing as a major German philosopher of the 19th century was established.

In this new volume, following the Kantian critique, are many essays, including ‘On the Senses’, On the Relation of Knowledge of Perception to Abstract Knowledge, ‘On Man’s Need for Metaphysics’ and ‘On the Primacy of the Will in Self-Consciousness’.



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