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The Good Bloke by Charles Staunton
English | 2019 | epub | 6 MB

When Charlie’s good he’s great. But when he’s bad he’s better!’ John Ibrahim, best-selling author of Last King of the Cross

Charles Staunton was a good cop. Until he got sacked from the police force and sent to jail for refusing to inform on his mates. On both sides of the law that loyalty makes Charlie a ‘good bloke’. And in a world of shadows, where trust is the highest currency, a good bloek is worth his weight in gold.

Charlie becomes a private detective and Mr Fix-it in Sydney’s underworld. His associates are colourful, their adventures hair-raising. The good times roll the good bloke around the world, into fancy hotels and fast-lane living… then smack-bang into the Pacific Mariner Cartel.

Cool under pressure and handy in a gunfight, Charlie becomes ‘The Prince’ – a master of disguise and mythic smuggler of millions toall corners of the earth. Until the DEA kicks down thedoor and arrests him in one of the biggest drug busts in history.

Busted but unbroken, Charlie’s troubles are only just beginning. Stuck in Canada’s toughest prison, between two fiercely warring bikie gangs, Charliemust use all his street smarts to stay alive. After all, there’s a double-date with Madonna and a beer with The Godfather to get to


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