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The Girl in the by Gerda Krebs Seifer
English | 2019 | epub | 5 MB

In September of 1939, thirteen-year-old Gerda Krebs’s world changed when the Nazis invaded her hometown of Przemyśl, taking everything she held dear—her home, irreplaceable heirlooms, and ultimately, most of her family members. Escaping deportation to an extermination camp by hiding in the home of a Polish woman and using the papers of the woman’s deceased, illegitimate daughter, Gerda never let go of the hope that she would one day reunite with her beloved father. Here, she tells her amazing story.

Gerda’s determination is what led her to survive the terrifying experience of the Holocaust. Since arriving in the United States as an immigrant, she has spoken about her experiences to community groups, schools, churches, and synagogues. She hopes to spread her message of peace, hope and tolerance to as many people as possible


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