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Tasty drinks your tummy will love

Poorly digested sugars and carbohydrates are often the cause of discomfort. Low-FODMAP diets, which feature foods low in these elements, have become popular aids in gut health and comfort. It can feel hard to keep track of it all, though, and sometimes a quick fix that actually helps relieve pain and bloat right away is the perfect antidote— especially when it may also result in flatter bellies. From satisfying smoothies to warm broths, creative cocktails to nutrient- packed juices, Danielle Capalino has thought of a drink for everyone and every gut.

Recipes include:
• Orange Cream Smoothie
• Ginger-Infused Sipping Broth
• Golden Milk Latte
• Lemon Rosemary Cocktail

Discover the pathway to ultimate gut health by raising a delicious, probiotic- rich glass. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the low-FODMAP diet, information on probiotics, and much, much more


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