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Bear Grylls’ Survival Stories by Bear Grylls [audiobook]
English | 2019 | True PDF | 3.2 MB

World-renowned adventurer and broadcaster, Bear Grylls, presents some of the most incredible near-death experiences, told by those who lived to tell the tale. These extraordinary and diverse accounts of human bravery, mental and physical strength – and sometimes sheer luck – range from being stranded for more than 50 days at sea, to surviving world-changing acts of terrorism.
Bear contextualises each feat of endurance or bravery by relating them to his own experiences of near-misses and misfortune from his military career and survivalist adventures. Listeners will experience the firsthand retelling of acts of quick thinking and gruelling struggles of those who found themselves in some of the most extreme circumstances imaginable.
As an Audio Show – free for members – when you add Bear Grylls’ Survival Stories to your library, you’ll get all 9 episodes, each with a runtime of about 15 minutes


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